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    Jobu Design Jr.3 Gimbal Head BWG-J3K

    In a little over a week I will be leaving for a 26 day trip to Alaska to lead three sold out brown bear workshops. As I prepare for this trip I am looking forward to sharing my equipment choices here on my blog. The Jobu Design Jr.3 gimbal head is one of my newest  pieces of equipment and will be coming to Alaska with me for the first time. Over the three months of field testing this head has become my new favorite and has now replaced my 4th Generation Mongoose as my main gimbal head.

    You should take a serious look at this head and if you are interested in buying one Jobu offered my blog readers and workshop participants a special 15% or $52 discount. See the bottom of this post for ordering details. Jobu Jr. 3 heads will also be available for test drives in all of my future workshops. Also if you are in the Tampa or Los Angeles area and would like to give the head a try let me know.

    In August I will be posting a Jobu Design Jr.3 complete field report from Alaska but for now here are some highlights to get you interested.

    Lightweight 1.4 lb (725 g)

    This is lighter than the mongoose and less than half the weight of the Wimberley II head.

    Superb lockout power

    This head locks and stays locked even with a side mounted 500mm VR Nikkor lens.

    Superb smooth and linear clamping

    This head makes it easy to dial in just the right amount of pre-load for the smoothest planning and tilting you have ever seen.

    Compact size

    At 9 x 8″ (22.86 x 20.32cm) this is smaller than a Mongoose and about half the size of a Wimberly II.

    Flexible horizontal or side mounting

    The removable swing arm (HM-J2) makes converting to a lighter side mount style easy.

    Giant rubberized knobs

    Rubberized knobs make handling in cold and wet weather easy even with gloves.

    Left or right hand set up

    This is a great feature if you are like me and like to mount your gimbal head on the right side to keep your lens controls on the left side accessible.

    Solid and rigid design

    The one-piece hollow, cast, heat treated design keeps the head totally free from flex.

    Arca-Swiss Compatible Quick Release Clamp

    The clamp design makes lever clamp style  pre-load adjustments unnecessary.

    Great customer service

    Jobu Design makes customer service and support a first priority.

    Excellent value

    $349 for such a well engineered, high quality, high performance head is unheard of in the tripod head industry.

    To purchase this head directly from Jobu with the 15% discount follow these simple instructions.

    1. Follow this link, a new window should open if not open a new tab in your browser and past the address into the URL window.

    2. Look for the orange add to cart button on the right side. Press the button to add the item to your cart

    3. Look for the promo code box right below the price . Click in the box and enter the my special promo code in all lower case, no capital letters:


    4. Press the orange update button under the subtotal box.

    5. Press the orange checkout button or the continue shopping button right next to the update button.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or problems ordering anything on the Jobu site.

    Email or call 310.619.8017

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