Weekly Update

Tips and Techniques

Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to sharing  tons of new photography and photo optimization tips and techniques. For everyone using Nikon I will also be featuring some tips and techniques from my new Nikon User guide.

Win 7 to Mac OS X Migration

Also it should be an interesting next few weeks as I share the positives and negatives of my migration from a Windows 7 laptop to a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X. This move has been in the works for a long time and I am looking forward making the switch finally happen.

Photography Tip of the Day

Sandhill crane display, northern crane pool, Bosque del Apache New Mexico. November 25th, 2011. NIKON D700 and AF-S Nikkor 500mm f/4G ED VR lens + TC-14E 1.4x II, 1/1000 sec at F5.6, manual metering on zero, Auto ISO @ 220 . Image Copyright 2011 Robert OToole Photography.

At Bosque sandhill cranes congregate and rest (roost) overnight in two pools along highway 1. It sounds like an easy opportunity to photograph the birds and it is but getting images of pairs or small groups displaying with clean background is a lot harder than it sounds. Photographers line up early in the morning but leave as the group of birds thin out but this is really the time when you want to be there. This is when you can see pairs and family groups all alone displaying in clean open water. Sometimes you can see a world famous photographer or 2 pack up and lead a group away when the conditions are just starting to peak. Getting the images you want sometimes means staying after everyone leaves and photographing until the last bird leaves the pool.