Bosque Fall Color Tour Report

This year was unusual to say the least, instead of the 18 degrees F that we saw last year, which is about normal, we had daytime temps close to 70 degrees F and morning lows were around 40 degrees.  The downside to the unusually high temperatures were insects. The mosquitos would crash into your car windows as soon as you pulled up at the crane pools and go for blood when you stepped out to shoot. The upside to the warm temperatures (and lots of rain) were green, reddish, and orange growth everywhere that looks great in images, and none of the normal dead brown grass you normally see everywhere at Bosque this time of the year.  

Crane and geese numbers look decent this year and coyote and bobcat sightings were way up and just about everyday. We had an interesting coyote and bobcat confrontation near the flight deck!

My group and I all had a great time with some memorable shooting sessions. Thanks to everyone that made it over to spend time with me. Even if this is my 12th year in a row going to Bosque,  I cant wait to get back there next year! Registration for 2017 is open so check out more info here:

These are my favorite images from last week, the colors this year were just unreal and nothing like I have ever seen before at Bosque.