Industry Partners




LensCoat has been keeping my gear safe, clean and dry for almost 10 years and there are always LensCoat products in my gear bag when I head out to shoot.


Acratech Inc

Acratech are the only ball heads that I use and they have never failed in the field since I started using them for more than 10 years ago. The lightweight ball head design is super reliable and probably the best I have ever found for outdoor photography. All Acratech gear is designed and produced in Southern California. 


Jobu Design

This company produces my current daily driver carbon tripod which I think is the best on the market. Jobu offers some of the most well designed and best value camera support equipment on the market without compromises. I have been using jobu gear almost every day for the past 7 or 8 years and I don't leave home without their support.


Zerene Systems Focus Stacking Software

Zerene Stacker is my favorite go-to stacking software and the companies excellent support makes it really easy to give them a highly recommended rating! 

Follow the link below to download a free demo version of the software.


Spyder Holster

I have been relying on Spider holster PRO professionally in the field for a long time and I still think the design is the best on the market. The system is a great alternative to typical camera straps so be sure to check them out if you are getting sick of your camera strap.



Photofocus has published for 18 consecutive years and is the best-known online source for photographic education. 


Pauls Photo

Thinking about how long I have been shopping at Paul's makes me feel really old but seriously I have been buying gear here for over 30 years. We have partnered to run some select photo tours together over the last couple of years and I have had the pleasure to give some presentations at the Creative Photo Academy at Paul's: