Robert O’Toole is an award winning, international published photographer and a BBC / Shell Wildlife “Photographer of the Year” competition award winner. Robert is internationally recognized as one of the leading photographers working in the nature photography and nature tour industry.

Robert has been a professional photographer with photography is his sole source of income for more than 20 years and is currently based in California. As an accomplished instructor, Robert leads photography workshop tours across the US and internationally.

Currently he is based in Los Angeles California and uses Canon, Nikon, and Sigma cameras and lenses. Currently he use the Nikon D810 and D500, Canon 70D and 7D MKII and Sigma lenses. Robert has owned and professionally used every Canon professional and pro-sumer DSLR camera since the D30 in 2001. Robert has been using Nikon DSLRs professionally since the D700 and D300 in 2007.